Using organic makeup has several advantages

Since it is made with natural ingredients and does not contain chemicals. There are for all skin types and the best thing is that, when using them, you help to take care of the environment.

Inspired by Mexico

It is a Mexican company that creates its own recipes for making makeup, always taking care of the environment. Also, she cares about animals, so she doesn’t test her cosmetics on them. It has makeups, products for facial, hair and body care. Their prices are quite affordable.

IM Natural

3rd Ring Ring 200, Santa Bárbara neighborhood



Take care of Nature

In this mini-supermarket they have organic products, among them, makeups of the Ahal brand, which are free of chemicals, as they use sustainable cosmetic technology. In addition to lipsticks, mascara, and scrubs, there are special hair products for women who have just become mothers, as well as babies.

Honey Loves

Cienfuegos 850, col. Nice view


To the center

100% national

It is one of the distributors of Nopalmita, a brand of natural makeup that uses nopal as the main ingredient, for all the benefits it offers. There are mascara, makeup removers, anti-dark circles, body and anti-acne creams, blush and masks.

Joy Islands

Tlacotalpan 6, col. Rome


All natural

Here you find Ere Pérez makeup, a completely natural cosmetic line that does not test on animals. In addition, all products have affordable prices. In its catalog there is powder base with marigold, liquid oatmeal makeup, rice-based blush, vegan brushes, almond or sunflower oil mascara, eyeliners, chamomile shades and several more.



For your hands

Here you find vegan Pitahia enamels, made with organic pigments, natural oils and without chemicals. It is a 100% Mexican company, originally from Guadalajara. Each season they bring out new colors that are reminiscent of things in nature, such as Greenery or Jungle Night, a bright blue color that resembles the glow of fireflies.

Eco Boutik

Amargura 14, local 1, col. Saint Angel

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What is it? And how do you distinguish organic cosmetics from natural ones?

You go into the store and you have an idea in mind, you want to buy an organic cosmetic, because they have told you a lot about how beneficial they can be to regenerate and care for your skin less aggressively, then you think about the price and there you are in the tail, reading the label on the container.

High! Do you really know what you are buying? Yes, of course you know that a product is natural to the extent that its ingredients are 100% natural, but do you really know if it is organic or natural? Could you tell them apart?

Although organic makeup is a phenomenon that has become a trend, it is becoming more and more followers around the world; in fact, there is an increase of 20% per year in Europe of women who prefer to use these cosmetics every day, because like you, they want to seek less aggressive skin care. Not everyone knows that natural products are not the same, and for someone who is looking for a totally ‘organic’ treatment, the difference is remarkable.

What are organic cosmetics?

Exactly the opposite of what you are used to using, organic creams and makeups, in addition to being products made 100% with ingredients of plant origin, only use mild natural preservatives and never have waxes, silicones or dyes in their formula synthetics or fragrances. Substances that our body does not need and that are commonly used in the industrial manufacture of cosmetics. And what could make you most happy is that it should not have components subjected to radiation or GMO ingredients derived from animals, with the exception of milk and honey. Long live the animals!