The importance of the blog and content for our organization

Blogs, like other social media, are channels for the dissemination of content that will allow us to connect and interact with the audience of our organization. Having a blog is not going to ensure any kind of success, but the success will come from the quality of the content that is published on it and its presence on social media and the main search engines .

The content of our blog will revolve around our organization , activity, services and products. We will leave the institutional image for the website, not on the blog. Let’s think that it is a good channel to humanize the brand and use a language that is closer to our audience, which will make them feel comfortable participating and interacting with us through our content. The contents of today , interest and frequency in which it is published in the blog will gradually we create a hearing about him, besides using some techniques SEO(Search Engine Optimization) basic achieve a better position within search engines.

Sometimes organizations can have a wide variety of audiences and with different interests. It is then when it would be interesting to locate the possible niches of action and see the possibilities of creating a blog for each of them. An example can be seen in the Library of the Carlos III University of Madrid , which has a wide repertoire of blogs and each one dedicated to a different audience.

Blogs of the Library of the Carlos III University of Madrid

But … who is going to be in charge of creating the content within the organization? The best thing is that the blog post is something in which the entire organization is involved and not only in the hands of the communication or marketing department. The online community Business 2 Community tells us about 7 fundamental aspects to create a content culture within the organization:

Allow any employee to contribute content following established guidelines.

Not rely solely on textual content and encourage the use of different formats for content creation: videos, infographics, SlideShare presentations …

Explain to employees the benefits of being a public opinion leader and reward those employees who post.

Communicate the results of the publications and their impact on the organization.

Publicly reward the good results of employee posts within the organization.

Promote healthy competitiveness among employees and publications.

The boss also creates content.

Editorial plan and calendar

Since blogging is something the entire organization needs to be involved in, it would be best to have an editorial plan and schedule . Following a publishing strategy is essential to achieve the objectives set through our actions on the blog.

The SEOCOM company blog offers us the possibility of downloading an editorial calendar , in which to write down the important dates and events to plan our content strategy. This document is divided into three parts: Ideas, annual and content.

Ideas . Here all the ideas that arise for the creation of content on the blog will be noted. It will be pointed out who will be the author, the title, what type of content will be (video, text, infographic …), the references when creating the content, the people who are expected to intervene in the elaboration of it and comments that they can give us. arise when preparing the topic.

Annual . Mark which will be our events of the year on a monthly basis. It will help us plan the contents to be discussed, as well as on what dates to publicize new products, events that we carry out or in which we participate, campaigns, promotions … It is also important to point out the holidays and milestones that are achieved each month.

Contents . Here the status of the creation of the contents will be indicated (if they are in the process of being created, if they are created and published, if they are created and not published), in addition to the possible titles that the content may have, the text to send by Twitter and Facebook to disseminate the content, the link where the content is, the type of content it is, the indicators you want to achieve and any other comments about our content.

Tools for the creation and organization of authors and editors

Google . With Google Calendar you can plan the dates of creation and publication of content through a single calendar shared with all the people responsible for preparing it and with all those in our organization who are involved in one way or another. . Through Google Drive you can share and create content together, and even simultaneously. In Google Drive documents you can take notes and comments for each of the authors of the content and even be connected by videoconference while the authors make the content. And through Google Groups topics can be discussed and discussed with the rest of the people involved in the preparation of content.

Teambox . Simple and easy-to-use tool with which you can manage projects from start to finish, plan actions, archive documents and track functions. You can integrate other tools such as Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, in addition to taking notes, speaking on a private chat channel and viewing projects with Gantt charts.

LiveMinutes . LiveMinutes is a free service focused on document sharing and meeting via video chat. Its purpose is that all participants are working on the same topic at the same time. LiveMinutes generates meeting reports, making it easier to keep track of meetings and send copies to those who are absent.