Server Housing and Colocation: presentation

Every business that manages its host in a dedicated space knows exactly what the time and effort linked to this choice is. The premises in which the server technology is located must adhere to strict safety directives, both for digital access as well as for immediate access by third parties. Besides, servers must certanly be continuously cooled and must not power down in the event of a power outage. For companies, this does not only mean a significant administrative commitment, but also a high burden that is financial. An alternate is always to incorporate your server into an external data center.

What is Server Housing?

The management that is external of server is called “Colocation”, “Server Housing” or “Server Homing”, ie the outsourcing of a company’s server in a uk colocation Data Center. Data centers are managed, for example, by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which already have the infrastructure that is necessary. The ISP data centers not merely provide space that is enough the installation of third -party servers on the so-called “racks”, but also a secure power supply, adequate air conditioning, and a stable Internet connection. The latter is guaranteed above all by the fact that these centers generally have special fiber -optic lines that guarantee the security associated with the network.


Server Housing really should not be confused with Server Hosting. The latter provides that, in addition to the equipment, the software can also be handled by the supplier. The host hosting the servers allows customers to use them. These hire the server for much right time of use. Rental servers can anywhere be located on the planet. Clients don’t have access that is physical the hardware. Housing in a data center, on the other hand, refers to the placement and connection of your hardware in external information centers. The management, administration, and maintenance of the server are carried out by the ongoing company itself unless otherwise agreed. To carry out basic work on the server, you’ll be able to appoint an externa l specialist through the supplier.

Server Housing has points in keeping with Dedicated Hosting: but, as the latter enables you to hire a host owned by the provider, colocation uk funds only the positioning, including infrastructure. The server itself belongs to the ongoing company and it is located in the vendor’s information center.

For who is Colocation helpful?

Outsourcing the server to a Rackspace Colocation Center is very ideal for companies whoever premises and network connections do not meet with the minimum requirements to make sure error-free and uninterrupted hardware operation. Thanks to cheap colocation, entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits of an excellent and IT that is modern infrastructure continuing to control their servers. This technique is particularly of good use in the event that server contains highly sensitive data that must be protected from external access or if the server software is highly customized and complex. If you cannot give up your server, however the business spaces are not adequate, Server Housing is frequently a good solution for organizations.

Colocation costs

Another reason for uk server colocation Housing could be the cost issue. The installation and handling of your host room aren’t just demanding from an point that is administrative of but also expensive. Outsourcing your servers to an data that are external can help you save cash. However, the expenses of Server Housing vary widely, mainly because you will find qualitative differences between the vendors. This quality is measured by the so-called “standard tier”. “Tier” is an English term which in this instance stands for “level”, where tier-1 corresponds to your cheapest degree and tier-4 towards the highest quality degree.

When choosing a 1u colocation pricing that is cheap Data, it is recommended to rely on suppliers with tier-3 standards. This degree guarantees 99.98% of server availability, which corresponds to a maximum downtime of 1.6 hours in a year. Besides, a secure power supply and reliable Internet access with high bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit / s are guaranteed. All these factors are essential for the proper functioning and low latencies associated with server.

Benefits and drawbacks of Colocation

The biggest advantage is probably the fact that a company that decides to place the server in a data center can use the professional infrastructure of a supplier and therefore take advantage of optimal electrical power, but also of continuous network availability. This is because data center lines are usually fiber that is ultrafast connections, specifically arranged for the center. The company that is ordering gain from all these technical advantages minus the pc software being mana ged by external IT specialists.

a disadvantage of rackspace colocation Server Housing is the big physical distance of the owner and operator of your server. If a company’s IT expert isn’t available near the data center, it can be difficult to solve problems without the help of the vendor, often resulting in high costs that are additional. Another downside is the fact that internal professionals get access to the company’s server only at peak times and only with information center safety staff. This could become a challenge for solving jobs that are urgent. Also to be considered are the change in electricity costs and a long period that is contractual. Any eventuality must be clarified with all the provider and, if necessary, with a lawyer before signing the agreement.