Organic perfumes. What benefits do they bring me?

Organic perfumes

The organic fragrances are those which have been prepared with natural components, ie directly extracted from nature without in this process are used chemicals or preservatives.

Therein lies the main difference with conventional perfumes, which do add solvents, fixatives and other ingredients that are obtained after the start-up of processes that generate a high environmental impact.

For example, making such compounds leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere , air pollution , drought in soils, and higher levels of wastewater .

Moreover, they are substances which, although they are not harmful to our health, we do not provide the same benefits that organic perfume , made mainly of vegetable oils , essential oils and floral waters .

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Main characteristics of organic perfumes

The organic fragrances take us directly to natural, clean spaces and, in turn, generate a sense of well being and pleasure more durable .

The main aromatic families with which these products are made are floral, citrus, aromatic, woody and oriental. Each one has specific effects and benefits.

In addition to the absence of chemicals, organic perfumes are characterized by other elements. Let’s review the most important:

They are made with natural products. When composite elements are used, they must be Bio (ecological) certified.

The distillation and extraction of essences is carried out naturally.

The emulsion is normally made with vegetable oil like that of grapes.

They are not tested on animals before going on sale.

They do not contain any petroleum derivatives or petrolatums.

They prevent skin allergies and other side effects.

Another benefit of organic perfumes is that they are not only made for use on our skin. We also find several ranges intended for home settings and other spaces such as offices or commercial premises.

Environmentally displaced: the importance of caring for the Earth

Like waste recycling, energy and water savings, and fair trade networks, organic perfumes contribute to the conservation of the environment insofar as they dispense with the use of chemical, toxic, preservative or petroleum-derived substances in their process of elaboration.

Dollo Ado, a year after the famine in Somalia Somali women gather firewood for cooking in Kobe camp. UNHCR / J. Ose / June 2012

This fact is more important than we think. Choosing an organic perfume over a conventional one may not have a significant impact in the short term, but it will have a medium or long term impact.

And we are not referring exclusively to caring for the environment, but also to what this implies in social terms. For example, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases reduces the chance that more people will leave their homes and places of residence for environmental reasons .

According to data collected by the  Internal Displacement Monitoring Center , since 2008 there have been more than 180 million displacements due to natural disasters. In 2015, just over 19 million new displacements were registered.

Most of them flee from rural areas to urban centers, where they do not always find decent ways of survival. Some predictions, such as those made by Professor Norman Myers at the University of Oxford, indicate that by 2050 there will be around 200 million environmentally displaced people .