5 super-satisfying moments in Square Enix games


The little things matter.
Amid all of the epic tales and high-flying actions of Square Enix games, it is well worth taking a couple of seconds to appreciate the simple things that exist to just make us feel… good.
From fulfilling fanfares to memorable mechanics, games are filled with moments that we locate super-satisfying – here are Only a few examples:

The most recent entry in the acclaimed SaGa series comprises one of the very tactically rich and enjoyable battle systems of any RPG.
However one mechanic in particular proves to be consistently rewarding – the unison attack.
Here’s how it works: through conflicts, a line of character portraits at the bottom of the screen indicates the turn sequence for both allies and enemies. Should you remove a foe whose portrait is sandwiched between party members’, these allies will pile on the next enemy at the same time, in a barbarous attack.
Unison strikes aren’t always easy to pull – off – you will need to watch out for opportunities and think strategically to take whole benefit of them.
But it’s worth doing because watching your whole celebration body a baddie is always… always satisfying.

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Just Cause 4 – toggling tethers for total destruction
Just Cause 4 game Rico Rodriguez some fantastic new toys to play with, from rocket boosters to volatile balloons. But for my money, nothing beats the chaotic glee of the manual tethers.
As in previous matches, Rico can connect two objects with a cable, offering all types of opportunities for math pleasure. Just Cause 4 adds new performance though – the capability to connect more tethers than ever, and manually contract them with a simple button press.
If you are after a burst of pure, undiluted satisfaction, try wing suiting into an enemy stronghold and tethering destructible items together. Connect a fuel tank into a radio tower, a satellite dish into a chainsaw, along with an explosive barrels to… well, other explosive barrels.
Next, get a little bit of space, hold the button to retract the tethers and let the fireworks start.
And as you watch the enemy stronghold crumble into chaos in only moments, be certain that you allow yourself a self-satisfied smirk before you fly to cause some more land damage.
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Who doesn’t adore the famed FINAL FANTASY success fanfare? But it’s used across the show – be it to indicate the end of a difficult fight or just celebrate success in a chocobo race – it is a welcome reward for all your hard work.
However a Victory Fanfare Reborn – the variant out of ffxiv world status Online… that one is especially gratifying. I mean, just listen to it:
Picture this: you have undertaken a raid (let’s say the brand new The Epic of Alexander Ultimate). After a strong beginning, your plans are now in tatters and your celebration scattered thanks to a foe’s constant assault.
All seems lost, but then… a chance! Somehow you and your allies pull it together – strategies are created, plans enacted, along with your battered, bruised band of adventurers scrape out a victory within their overpowered opponent.
Following such a feat, you already feel good… and the choir kicks in with this rousing fanfare – the cherry on top of this satisfaction sundae.

It’s simply magnificent.
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The Deus Ex series is all about giving the player choice in the way they approach tasks – there is no’correct’ way to play the sport.
By way of example, some people can love to grab a shotgun and brute force their way to their aims. Others may prefer to act as a silent predator, even dispatching their enemies from the shadows as they explore a zone.
Personally, I’d love to become a ghost – sneaking through a place with no trace I was there. Well, if you don’t count all the candy bars that are stolen.
The purpose is, all are legitimate, and all are viable. But whatever you select, you’ll be consistently rewarded with XP, and alarms which reveal what you’ve done to make it.
Quite simply, the game specifically rewards you for playing it in your own way – and that’s one heck of an incentive.
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FINAL FANTASY XV handles leveling a bit differently to most games in the series.
As you would expect, Noctis and his chums will gain experience as they conquer enemies and complete quests, but to really level up, they will need to first take a break.
Once the group hits a resort or a campsite, their hard-earned experience is distributed, along with the characters grow more powerful.
What is great about this system is that it usually means that characters may gain multiple levels at once – particularly if you stay at a high-end hotel like the Leville in Altissia or The Quayside Cradle in Galdin Quay.
These elegant (and exorbitantly expensive) institutions can double or even triple your accumulated experience, nearly guaranteeing a major power boost for the group.
It is supremely satisfying to watch each character’s progression bar fill again and again, and their degrees take up dramatically, aided by some superbly chunky sound effects that give it a feeling of ceremony and drama.
In short, gaining numerous levels in ffxiv data centres just feels really good. Along with the existence of that recognizable FINAL FANTASY fanfare does not hurt either!