The Way to Connect Your Custom Domain Email to Grid Hosting


If you’ve purchased a domain name through, then you may have discovered that your account comes with up to five custom email addresses (for instance, But, there is no associated inbox. This means that unless you establish a domain name forward, your emails will have no place to go.
Luckily, you can join your domain name to an email inbox with A2 Hosting. In this manner, you can get and answer emails together with your habit addresses. It’s very simple to set up an email inbox, and using your own domain names makes your messages seem more professional and authentic.
Within this informative article, we’ll explain how to set up your email hosting inbox, which is included for free in all of our hosting accounts, and connect it with your domainname. Let us go!

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Why You Need to Use a Custom Domain Name for Your Email Inbox
A customized email domain name is an address that includes your site’s or business’ name, for example Using a custom email address is essential, since in the digital era your company’s emails are a vital part of its overall branding.
As a company owner, you probably already know not to use a clearly unprofessional email address such as However, even in the event that you use a professional name, it might damage your brand’s image to incorporate a generic end. Default extensions such as @gmail. Com make it clear that you are using a free email address.
On the flip side, a custom domain suggests that you went the excess step to procure a professional inbox. It also helps to show that your messages are authentic. Since everyone can set up a speech using a name such as, clients may wonder whether the email came from someone at your company, or whether it is actually spam.
Fortunately, it’s easy (and free!) To prepare an email inbox to your custom domain if you already have an best email hosting for small business uk plan. If you purchased your domain name with another business, such as, then you can even set up this domain name to forward to your A2 Hosting inbox.

Today, let’s discuss how to join an email domain to A2 Hosting. This process should only take a few minutes to finish.

First, you’ll need to set up an email inbox. You can do it on your A2 Hosting control panel. Most programs come with an unlimited number of inboxes, but let’s start with you for today.
To Start, navigate to the Email section of your control panel and click on Mail Accounts:
The A2 Hosting control panel email department.

Input the name of the account you’d like to create in the text box, along with a password:
Adding an email account in A2 Hosting.

Under Mailbox Quota, pick the size for your own email account (you can choose Unlimited if your account includes that choice ). Then, click Create Account.
Step 2: Join Your Domain Name For Your Hosting Account
The next thing to do is to connect your domain to your cheap email hosting account. Log into your account, and find your domain name info by visiting My Website > Domains: domain name information.
Next, you may set up an email ahead. Choose the Email tab, scroll down to the bottom, and select Email Forwarding:

Subsequently, select the option to Add New Mail unsubscribe. From the dialog box which appears, enter the habit email address you want to use, and choose the A2 Hosting email you just set up since the”forwards to” address:

This can direct to forward messages in the email domain to your A2 Hosting account. Following that, you can add as many accounts as you need simply by repeating this process.
Step 3: Transfer Your Domain (Optional) just allows you to add up to five email accounts for free. Additionally, you can only get (not send) emails from the custom domain with an email forward like the one explained previously. To send mails using, you would have to pay an extra fee.
If you would like to avoid these constraints, you can always transfer your domain name to A2 Hosting. In your A2 Hosting program, you can create infinite inboxes — so you can have as many customized email addresses as you’d like. Besides, you can get and send messages with all of them.
To get ready for a domain name transfer, you can return to My Website > Domains in your accounts, and locate your domain. Then, choose Transfer Domain in the bottom of the listing:
Transfering a WordPress domain name.

Next, select Transfer to a different registrar. Click through the dialog boxes to unlock your domainname. Then, you’ll want to check out our domain transfer guide:

A2 Hosting domain transferring.

Just look for your domain name, and an A2 Hosting Guru Crew member will be ready to assist if you need help transferring it over.
Nowadays, a custom domain email is not only a indication of professionalism, it’s an expectation. If you communicate with your customers from a unique email address, then they can make certain each message actually came from your business.
In A2 Hosting, all of our programs, such as our very own WordPress solutions, include free email inboxes. Even if you purchased your domain from, then you can still join your custom email address by following these simple steps:
Produce an inbox on your A2 Hosting control panel.
Connect your custom domain name to your A2 hosting accounts, using an email forward.
Optionally, you can transfer your domain to A2 Hosting. In this manner, you can have as many email addresses and associated inboxes as you would like, at no excess cost.