What is colocation?

1U colocation pricing

In a dictionary, uk colocation is defined as the location or co-location of two or more objects. From IT infrastructure, colocation uk is the placement of computer equipment on a site that is common. This common site should have all the necessary infrastructure and safety features to maintain and protect the installed equipment. It should also provide a reliable connection with telecom operators, customers, and business partners.
The main types of placement of computer equipment are listed below:
Placement of computer equipment in the data center of the provider. For these purposes, space is allocated in the server racks of the provider.
Placement of server racks in the data center of the provider.

1U colocation pricing

Renting space in the engine room.
uk server colocation covers a wide range of services, and the search for the combination that is best of them requires a careful comparison of business requirements and the main factors in choosing the provider of the relevant services that ensure the maintenance and protection of your IT infrastructure.
Providers are building large data centers to take advantage of the economic benefits of deploying equipment to a large number of customers within a single infrastructure. The architecture and corresponding reliability of data centers are very different, but a world-class operator must use proven design solutions with features such as:
Architectural strength protecting against natural disasters;
Guaranteed power supply, consisting of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generators that are backup
Two separate entry points of the cable that is optical
Physical and security that is electronic.
The operation and construction of several data centers increase the efficiency of the IT infrastructure and reduces the operating costs of the provider. If the provider has data centers in the UK, it will be able to conclude agreements that are general customers that combine other secondary contracts and agreements. This combination of structural and operational benefits allows the provider to achieve high levels of uptime and offer service level agreements.
The benefits of colocation
Collocation services are used to expand existing data centers, implement projects to consolidate IT infrastructure, bring the network closer to customers and business partners, or simply reduce costs and focus on IT resources, rather than infrastructure. Here are some more reasons to use cheap colocation:
Financial incentive. Companies that were previously limited in their actions by cut budgets are now looking to outsourcing with hope. Outsourcing is a profitable opportunity to shift capital costs onto the shoulders of the provider and spend the released funds on the business that is main.
Change data centers. With the rapidly growing requirements for heat dissipation and cooling of computer equipment, observed in recent years, companies are faced with the need to invest millions of dollars in the construction of appropriate facilities to accommodate their IT infrastructure. The complexity of managing data centers and the risks associated with them, as well as increasing adverse impacts that are environmental forces many leading companies to resort to Rackspace colocation services.
Consolidation. Having carried out an inventory of their data centers and related infrastructure, many companies concluded that with the help of modern technologies they can achieve huge savings by taking measures to unite them. The consolidation of many data centers on the site of one large provider location allows you to abandon new capital costs and, most importantly, allows you to significantly reduce operating costs.
Technological modernization. Along with data centers, technologies are developing. New processors, server platforms, data storage systems (SHD) and network equipment are being released. Blade servers, cloud computing, and virtualization, like many other technology solutions, have incredibly expanded the capabilities of IT departments. The use of these advanced technologies implies the availability of flexible and expandable, but at the same time not too burdensome financially, data centers. Providers offer equipment rental services (dedicated) and expand your hardware resources in the future.
Reserve data center. Usually, 1u colocation pricing services are resorted to, if necessary, in auxiliary or emergency data centers. This choice is logically justified, since it provides savings in capital costs, built-in network connectivity, and the usual requirements for remoteness from other data centers in this case.
The demand for colocation and cloud services in Russia is growing: these are the findings of a 2020 study conducted by DCD Intelligence despite economic conditions.
The features of the rackspace colocation segment, according to researchers, are:
Steady growth in demand for the area of car dealerships,
The growing interest of UK enterprises in an outsourcing strategy for the use of data centers,
The desire of international providers to create business platforms in Russia.
A slowdown that is clear market development (in terms of investment and the opening of new machine rooms) occurred around mid-2020. Over the course of 12 months, until June 2020, total investment grew by 9%, which contrasts with a 32% increase over the year that is previous. Accordingly, the total volume of machine rooms in the same period increased by 8%, compared with 15% in the year that is previous.
These figures are better than the UK, where average growth rates are 1.5% for machine space and 5% for investments despite the apparent slowdown.
According to the UK research company IKS Consulting, the size of the UK colocation market in 2013 will be compared with one-tenth of the market for data centers in London and one-sixth of the market in Frankfurt. Compared to both markets that are commercial the share of available data center space is also significantly lower.
The data published by DCDi indicate that the colocation sector of the UK with a 10% coverage by the end of 2020 will require the services of a third-party provider (for comparison, in Germany 17% and in the UK 23%).
Representing approximately 76% of the colocation market of the UK market, Moscow is becoming a competitive and center that is dynamic commercial data center services for Russia and the surrounding regions.
The colocation that is metropolitan in the broad sense includes:
Traditional telecommunication networks of operators (such as Rostelecom, Vimpelcom, Megafon),
Commercial data centers belonging to UK suppliers (such companies as CROC, SafeData, Servionika, and others).
Service providers of the data center with a foreign or international form of ownership.
The latter, in particular, include Linx data center (headquarters in Amsterdam), which entered the market that is UK 2018 after the acquisition of Cable & Wireless data centers. At the final end of 2019, Linx Data center opened a second 9,000 square meter data center in St. Petersburg.
The list of international providers also includes Telehouse, which launched at the end of 2020 a project that is commercial the sale of colocation services in partnership with Data Space. Another example of a provider with foreign capital is IXcellerate.

Server Housing and Colocation: presentation

Rackspace colocation

Every business that manages its host in a dedicated space knows exactly what the time and effort linked to this choice is. The premises in which the server technology is located must adhere to strict safety directives, both for digital access as well as for immediate access by third parties. Besides, servers must certanly be continuously cooled and must not power down in the event of a power outage. For companies, this does not only mean a significant administrative commitment, but also a high burden that is financial. An alternate is always to incorporate your server into an external data center.

What is Server Housing?

The management that is external of server is called “Colocation”, “Server Housing” or “Server Homing”, ie the outsourcing of a company’s server in a uk colocation Data Center. Data centers are managed, for example, by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which already have the infrastructure that is necessary. The ISP data centers not merely provide space that is enough the installation of third -party servers on the so-called “racks”, but also a secure power supply, adequate air conditioning, and a stable Internet connection. The latter is guaranteed above all by the fact that these centers generally have special fiber -optic lines that guarantee the security associated with the network.


Server Housing really should not be confused with Server Hosting. The latter provides that, in addition to the equipment, the software can also be handled by the supplier. The host hosting the servers allows customers to use them. These hire the server for much right time of use. Rental servers can anywhere be located on the planet. Clients don’t have access that is physical the hardware. Housing in a data center, on the other hand, refers to the placement and connection of your hardware in external information centers. The management, administration, and maintenance of the server are carried out by the ongoing company itself unless otherwise agreed. To carry out basic work on the server, you’ll be able to appoint an externa l specialist through the supplier.

Server Housing has points in keeping with Dedicated Hosting: but, as the latter enables you to hire a host owned by the provider, colocation uk funds only the positioning, including infrastructure. The server itself belongs to the ongoing company and it is located in the vendor’s information center.

For who is Colocation helpful?

Outsourcing the server to a Rackspace Colocation Center is very ideal for companies whoever premises and network connections do not meet with the minimum requirements to make sure error-free and uninterrupted hardware operation. Thanks to cheap colocation, entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits of an excellent and IT that is modern infrastructure continuing to control their servers. This technique is particularly of good use in the event that server contains highly sensitive data that must be protected from external access or if the server software is highly customized and complex. If you cannot give up your server, however the business spaces are not adequate, Server Housing is frequently a good solution for organizations.

Colocation costs

Another reason for uk server colocation Housing could be the cost issue. The installation and handling of your host room aren’t just demanding from an point that is administrative of but also expensive. Outsourcing your servers to an data that are external can help you save cash. However, the expenses of Server Housing vary widely, mainly because you will find qualitative differences between the vendors. This quality is measured by the so-called “standard tier”. “Tier” is an English term which in this instance stands for “level”, where tier-1 corresponds to your cheapest degree and tier-4 towards the highest quality degree.

When choosing a 1u colocation pricing that is cheap Data, it is recommended to rely on suppliers with tier-3 standards. This degree guarantees 99.98% of server availability, which corresponds to a maximum downtime of 1.6 hours in a year. Besides, a secure power supply and reliable Internet access with high bandwidth of up to 10 Gbit / s are guaranteed. All these factors are essential for the proper functioning and low latencies associated with server.

Benefits and drawbacks of Colocation

The biggest advantage is probably the fact that a company that decides to place the server in a data center can use the professional infrastructure of a supplier and therefore take advantage of optimal electrical power, but also of continuous network availability. This is because data center lines are usually fiber that is ultrafast connections, specifically arranged for the center. The company that is ordering gain from all these technical advantages minus the pc software being mana ged by external IT specialists.

a disadvantage of rackspace colocation Server Housing is the big physical distance of the owner and operator of your server. If a company’s IT expert isn’t available near the data center, it can be difficult to solve problems without the help of the vendor, often resulting in high costs that are additional. Another downside is the fact that internal professionals get access to the company’s server only at peak times and only with information center safety staff. This could become a challenge for solving jobs that are urgent. Also to be considered are the change in electricity costs and a long period that is contractual. Any eventuality must be clarified with all the provider and, if necessary, with a lawyer before signing the agreement.

What exactly is Hosting


The definition of Host derives through the English verb and translated into Italian means to host ( Translation Hosting ), in fact web hosting is a site which allows one to physically host all of the files that comprise the internet site on a uk server colocation, which makes it available through the online world ( Hosted meaning ).

Server and Hosting are exactly the same, so aren’t getting confused and simply focus on the distinction between rackspace colocation and domain.

Host meaning

Hosting is the house associated with the site where the website that is entire is hosted (files, files, images, videos) and where the likelihood of producing personalized email details emerges.

The 1u colocation pricing plan can be when compared with a folder inside a computer where you are able to place the files you want, because of the only difference that being on the net it can be consulted and searched by anybody through an original and particular address that may be entered from any web browser, we’re referring to the name for the site that takes the domain title.

Hosting also varies in line with the operating-system utilized (Windows or Linux), on Xlogic Hosting on most of the LiteSpeed ​​Web uk colocation the CloudLinux os is installed, an even more protected, dependable and faster OS than Apache, Nginx and Windows.

There are also several types of web hosting that differ according to many facets such as the price, the resources assigned, the sort of host plus much more, but we will always talk about this in this specific article into the next paragraphs, if you would like get right to see which ones are the Hosting solutions provided by the Providers click here!

UK server colocation

Domain included or Domain free? NO
Depending on the Hosting Provider, you can purchase the packages Hosting that is including and or you can find the solutions individually as on Xlogic Hosting.

Several times the Web Hosting Providers consist of within the yearly charge of the Hosting plan also the registration of a domain (e.g. domain .it – ​​domain .com – domain .eu), however, considers that the cost of an extension such as the domain it is around 10.12 euros per year so before buying that particular Hosting package including Domain, we suggest you compare the resources offered (disk space, traffic, CPU, Ram, Inode, maximum hourly email giving, etc) and also the expense services along with other Hosting Providers.

We tell you this because for example you could see a Hosting offer including domain at a high price of 100 euros per year, however you could also find an offer from another Provider that offers equivalent resources at a cost of 80 euros a year with no domain enrollment.

Here, to the € 80 regarding the plan that is hosting add € 10 for domain registration and also at a lesser yearly cost you managed to purchase the WebHosting solutions that will allow you to publish your internet site on the Internet.

Which Hosting to select: to start out

Which Hosting ? It is not simple to choose a web hosting for your web site, i know of it.

This choice is essential and must certanly be taken with care as the service that is hosting express the structure of the web site.

To find the hosting plan that is best for your website, you should think about a couple of questions, the main ones below:

Free or paid hosting
A Web.Hosting service can be both free and paid, then again why should you buy a site for free if you can get it? The answer is simple! That’s why YOU ought not to CHOOSE A FREE OF CHARGE WEB HOSTING:

Website creation on third level domain (tuosito.provider.it), in this manner your internet site will never grow on Google as it does not have a customized domain (tuodominio.it)
Limiting colocation uk resources (Central Processing Unit, Ram, wide range of Processes), as soon as it has some visitors it will start to be slow and the Provider will suspend the plan or ask you to purchase a paid service
Constraint for the insertion of advertising ads on websites online
Capacity to use just 1 mailbox , 1 database and so on
Long and non-exhaustive response times
Right here, they are some of the good reasons why I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO CHOOSE A FREE HOSTING! Consider that with about 30 euros a you will have the opportunity to purchase Hosting and Domain year.

Clear costs and transparency
On our site you will not find costs that start from € 2.99 – € 3.99 for the first year which are then tripled or quadrupled during the renewal period.

We should establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with all the customer and so we’ve made a decision to insert clear quantities which do not begin from DA but would be the people the thing is (without €, 99) on a yearly / month-to-month basis.

Before purchasing a cheap colocation at Xlogic, many users ask us if the renewal cost modifications in comparison to what exactly is compensated for the purchase that is initial of services.

Definitely not! Xlogic is applicable a prices policy which provides for maximum transparency.

The price for the purchase that is hosting stay exactly the same consistent for subsequent renewals.

Web site creation: HTML, CMS or Site Builder
A web site could be created in various methods, until a few years ago most web sites had been created in HTML and had been called static websites.

A website that is static consists of a collection of webpages that are divided from one another but that are pertaining to each other by a menu.

Each web page (.html or .htm) is updated manually using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and then uploaded again online through an FTP service such as FileZilla on a static website.

Is generally considerably a site that is static associated with safety once the html code is hard to puncture, however the problems in upgrading the web pages plus the waste of time have made the HTML sites less utilized and destined for extinction.

The specific situation is significantly diffent for powerful sites , but what exactly are they?

Dynamic sites use a more advanced and technology that is different in practice most of the content of a powerful internet site such as for example articles, pages, pictures and videos live within a database that is attached to the website.

All contents are kept in tables which are queried through a program writing language such as .php

The benefit of buying a powerful site lies in the quicker, simpler handling of the pages as well as in the possibility of integrating and managing the dynamic modules through the installing of plugins that allow you to carry any operation out for instance the insertion of galleries, more articles. recent or maybe more popular and more.

I understand, all this in concept might be difficult to comprehend but i could guarantee you that in practice managing a dynamic site is much simpler and faster than a static site.

Dynamic websites have developed with time and CMS (Content Management System) happen developed and developed , systems that through the utilization of a management panel (backend) enable you to produce pages, write articles, upload multimedia content in a far more immediate, and never have to know the development code.

Any person will have the opportunity to create a website from scratch without having special technical knowledge in this way.

What does a dedicated server mean on a VS co-location?

Cheap Colocation

Web Hosting provides and facilitates disk space for a website or an amount that is certain of. The host company leases disk space and capacity to manage a lot of traffic too large websites. If you do not want the hassle of setting up the server yourself, there is an alternative: dedicated hosting.
If you are looking for a dedicated server for purpose, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of owning a server is to rent a server that is physical the hosting provider puts in a data center server cabinet. A dedicated server means that the server is leased to one customer only. Because hardware does not need to be shared, performance is relatively predictable. A dedicated server is ideal for demanding websites. The advantage of a dedicated server is that you can completely customize everything to meet the exact requirements of your project. The purpose of a dedicated server can mean for your business that the cost will be lower than if you set up the server yourself. A dedicated server also means that the tenant often has a complete lot of control over the server. This depends on each provider. In most cases, there is also an emergency generator in the event of a power failure. The advantage of this is that the place is always airborne in the event of a power failure. Because such products are cheaper and easier to buy, more and more companies are offering hosting services. This makes competition a killer as companies try to be a little cheaper than their competitors.


A server that is dedicated that you rent a server from a service provider. Where uk colocation is a ongoing service where a customer places their server in the server cabinet of a service provider. This way, the customer can benefit from a network that is reliable and power supply. Your subscription will allow you to use cabinet space, network connection, power consumption and possibly other services. Your ISP can manage server space, but this is usually purchased from a data center.
The difference between the importance of a stand-alone cheap colocation and the placement is that the server is the client’s property at the time of placement. This person is then responsible for the operation of both the hardware and the software. Together with the data center, the hosting provider ensures network availability that is optimal. When you want to host a server, you take up a certain amount of space. This is also called rack space and is expressed in rack units (U). The advantage of this collaboration over the significance of a dedicated server is that the purchase is a investment that is one-time its costs are not included in the connection fee. A dedicated server means you don’t have to make a big investment, but pay the higher connection fee yourself. The disadvantage of a location that is single to the importance of a separate server maybe that
Dedicated Server
Don’t have your server? Let’s take care of the operation and all the responsibility.
You get your very own server located in our server room which is equipped with cooling/ups/diesel to ensure perfect and operation that is safe.
You avoid all responsibility but still have the opportunity and benefits of having your server, you can devote yourself to what you are best at and save valuable time and avoid any problems that can arise through self-managing operations and managing a server.
If you do not fit our standard packages, we can customize a solution for you, it can be anything from needing more memory or having more servers in one cluster or requiring higher redundancy with a load balancer.
The operating systems we install are FreeBSD, OpenBSD and most Linux distributions, such as Debian, Fedora and Slackware and Windows.
For more order or information contact us by mail or by phone.
The contract period is 12 months and a start-up fee of SEK 950 is added to each server.
Dedicated servers – VPS – Housing – 1u colocation pricing
VPS or dedicated Cloud servers in housing offer companies the possibility of having one or more servers connected directly to the E2Net network nodes, reducing connection costs and at the same time offering the continuity of service typical of carriers using the most advanced technology provided by the network that is e2Net.
Managed VPS server, a managed service that allows the customer to avoid expensive investments in hardware and software and guarantees a service capable of ensuring flexibility and quality. The?? Time to delivery?? That the Customer can guarantee in the supply of services to third parties will be immediate. PCIe SSD drives the fastest on the market.
The Dedicated Server service provides a server system with OS Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 or Linux Debian / CentOS / Ubuntu / CoreOS that guarantees reliability and performance that is high.
uk server colocation can be activated with the option? Managed? Which frees the customer from any maintenance, updating and complex configurations of the operating system.
Rackspace colocation, the Customer’s devices reside within the Internet Data Centers (processing centers), equipped with the most technologies that are advanced security systems, with guaranteed access exclusively to E2Net technicians or personnel delegated by the customer.

UK Colocation

UK colocation

Before answering questions about what the Internet is, how it works and how to use the Internet, the main question is what is a network .

These systems are the Computers, Mobile Devices, Modems, Routers that are connected (types of network: LAN and WAN network) to allow them to exchange information and share resources by Network we mean a set of systems and entities connected to each other, especially in the world of information technology.

Lan and Wan networks: what they are and what is the huge difference
The LAN (geographic area Network) correspond to types of companies that have been produced within a area that is small as within a home, an office or school.

uk colocation1

The LAN also called network that is local is created to allow the sharing of certain hardware resources such as for instance a scanner or printer or even for the sharing of computer software resources such as for example papers and files of any kind.

To configure the LAN you should employ Ethernet cables or you can use the most frequent and frequent method in the world, configure the LAN connection utilizing Wi-Fi (WLAN – wireless neighborhood network) which corresponds to a particular LAN protected by a password that is certain.

The WAN nevertheless, Wide Area system, are sites owned by a geographic area larger than the LAN systems that may reach nations, continents or even the world that is whole.

One of many current WAN networks, there is certainly a WAN network that is well known throughout the world no matter ethnicity, age, gender and which will be utilized by anyone, do you understand what I am referring to?

Yes you have it right, i am talking about INTERNET, the largest & most important WAN network in the entire world !

What is the online: difference between uk colocation, Computer and Client
The world wide web is nothing but a huge set of networks that are connected to one another through special types of computers called servers that have the only intent behind serving the different needs which are received.

Demands are made by users whom see the web, but what exactly does it mean?

When you were employing their computer to gain access to the net, accesses a browser and pursuit of the search engines (example: Bing, Bing), a specific request is made to a colocation uk at that time. such as viewing a particular web page and then in turn, after satisfying this request, the 1u colocation pricing have the task of returning the result by showing the requested page.

Computers that use people who make needs on the internet through browsers are called Consumers .

Server meaning – In computer technology the expression cheap colocation (translated into Italian means Servitor) is absolutely nothing a lot more than a community of computers linked to a machine that is physical have actually the task of hosting (Host term which translated into Italian means landlord) web sites of customers whom purchase a hosting solution.

How exactly to create a website: distinction between Hosting and Domain

What is Host – Hosting is a site in which uk server colocation provide component or all the resources to host client websites in exchange for a regular fee that is rental.

The Hosting Providers offer simply this service, in practice they’ve their own or leased rackspace colocation in an external Data Center that contain consumer sites which are provided on the net and reachable by any individual on earth through their mobile phones or Computer (customer).

In practice, a Web.Hosting solution is a type of web hosting service service enabling individuals and organizations to produce their internet site available through the global world Wide online (WWW).

Here, in order to publish the internet site on the Internet and to make it noticeable it is important to possess two services made available from the Hosting Provider, we make reference to Hosting and Domain .

If you are planning to create a website, surely you are aware that you will have to sign up for a hosting plan and you will have to register a domain.

What is the Internet domain
The domain may be the name that is related to the internet site to make it noticeable on the Internet ( online domain meaning ), including the domain of the site is xlogic.org:

xlogic is the domain name
.org may be the selected expansion
The domain name is nothing but a title associated with a particular numeric ip address (internet protocol address for the host in which the hosting solution resides).

To join up a domain it is necessary to make use of a Registrar, that is a company accredited by the competent bodies to resell the assignment of domain names.

In order to name the internet site you’ll want to register a domain and choose the extension or extensions you want.

It is very important to find the domain name carefully for your website that it is the fundamental element for indexing on search engines because it will greatly affect the success of the website, just think.

The domain name is unique, it is therefore feasible to select a domain name as long it is possible to purchase multiple extensions, for example xlogic in addition to the .org as it has not already been assigned but in any case domain extension it offers others such as the .com domain, the domain .eu.

So it is always recommended to register also the most important extensions in order to maintain the monopoly on that particular domain if you register a domain name.

Placement service

Building an internal server room for your IT team can be an expensive undertaking. Fortunately, that can be easily avoided with a placement service. The service includes hosting your servers with a service provider that will monitor and maintain the 24 × 7 team. This is a service where it is difficult to find reasons against it, since it frees you from all the routine tasks and exhaustion of resources that involves running your own server room. Placement services allow you to rent a top-notch facility for a fixed monthly fee. The service is more complete and secure, and will offer better availability and performance of your systems. Here are a few reasons that will demonstrate why your business needs colocation services instead of internal server rooms. Contents 1. The best value for your money. Placement services are actually very affordable. We are going to elaborate a little on that. If you decide to keep your servers at home, you will need to build and maintain the entire network infrastructure, create a server room with adequate cooling, and fire and flood protection. You will also need to design and implement various security solutions to prevent external and internal threats, such as cyberattacks, viruses, and unintentional employee harm. Given these reasons, it is clear why building and operating a server room can be quite expensive. With placement, the service provider provides and maintains the entire network and environment. All costs accrue at a single, predictable rate, so you can create your IT budget accurately. Compared to the costs of building a server room, managing utilities and specialized personnel, the placement is significantly less expensive and gives you the best value for your money. 2. Simple scalability. Placement simplifies scalability for your network and server needs. When your business requires additional servers or other features, you can simply add them to your colocation service without making major modifications to your business. You can request large amounts of bandwidth, additional storage space, and increased processing capacity when you need it. This is a great benefit as it allows your servers to expand in line with the growth of your business. 3. High security The mere fact that your servers are maintained and maintained within a data center increases the security of your servers. Data center facilities are very secure, with multiple layers of access control and a variety of security and monitoring protocols, providing protection for the active network that connects your servers to the Internet.

 High flexibility Placement services provide more flexibility than can be achieved with an internal server room. You can choose from several operators for your network service and you can easily change them if you are not satisfied with the performance of your current operator. You can also choose from quarter racks, half racks, full racks, or even a rack cage. All these options facilitate the design of the service that meets the exact needs of your business. 6. Professional support for your servers Data centers offering colocation services are staffed by IT experts who handle all aspects of the data center network and environment. These experienced professionals are available if you need help maintaining your servers. The support team can provide assistance in installing new software and modifying server settings. They can even help resolve issues that affect server performance. These experts complement your business in areas where they don’t specialize, allowing you to focus on your business while taking care of the rest.

Choosing a secure web hosting service provider

If you’ve been following my articles, you may have come across some security related topics like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and WordPress Security . The internet has become a much more dangerous place than it was at the beginning. It is open to everyone, both good and bad, and more importantly, it has become a crucial tool for many companies. Online businesses present a common resource of billions of dollars to cybercriminals. Unfortunately, this indirectly translates into a threat to small site owners as well, even to individual bloggers, for several reasons. Even if your site doesn’t have anything worth stealing, cyber criminals can exploit your site’s resources to launch attacks on other websites. Also, let’s not forget that. The data is the new oil. And, for example, if you collect subscriber information on your site, it is also worth money. There are also graffiti artists on the Internet: people who attack and deface websites just because they can. Defaced websites The number of websites modified by hackers is in the millions (Source: Wordfence ). With all of this in mind, do you have any doubts now that it’s worth looking for secure web hosting solutions, or at least offer options to help you increase the security of your website? Stopping a certain attacker is almost impossible, but it all helps. Great secure web hosting features to have 1. Backups (and restoration) Backups not only apply to your personal computer systems, but are in fact more important to your website. However, you can control many aspects of backing up your personal data, but for websites, it can often depend on your hosting provider. Most web hosting providers offer free backups, but these are variations on this theme. For example, some may require you to perform the backup procedure manually, while others may do so automatically and ask you to contact their support team if you need data restoration services. UpDraft This site is on a host that doesn’t offer backups as often as I want, so I installed a third-party plugin for WordPress.

Recommendations: web host with excellent backup features – A2 Hosting , Iart . A2 Hosting To access A2 Hosting Server Rewind, log in to cPanel> Files> Server Rewind. To access A2 Hosting Server Rewind, log in to cPanel> Files> Server Rewind. A2’s hosting servers have redundant hard drives for real-time RAID 1 duplicate backups and off-server backups for the past 30 days (according to best effort). A good example of an excellent backup system is the one offered by A2 Hosting. (read the A2 Hosting review) . They have two important features: rewind site and drop my site. The former allows you to revert your site to previously saved points in time, while the latter allows you to back up your data offline. Call it double insurance, if you want. Iart.